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About RGB Global

Our Belief

We believe that successful organizations are composed of self-disciplined people, engaging in disciplined thoughts and executing disciplined actions. 

Our purpose, or mission

RGB Global is about helping you create value for shareholders, rewarding alliances for customers and partners, and an exciting workplace for employees.

Our competencies

Executive4sights™ is more than a name; it’s an inspiring metaphor for our work.

For more than 30 years, Robert Beauchemin has developed a unique well round profile, balancing Leadership Philosophy, Sales Excellence and Technological Competence.  We believe that people — and organizations — are more vital and empowered when working creatively with one another within a disciplined framework.  This orientation is the basis from which all of our work is performed.

The tools and services we have developed are organic in design and delivery, as they are intended to be adapted in a manner appropriate to your specific needs.  Whether you want [or need] to set your organization onto a new course,  lead organizational changes, communicate critical messages to your organization, or see more disciplined execution, Executive4sights™ provides anchoring, so that all remains aligned.

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11 March 2011

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