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Plan to Change

So far, we have built a good understanding of where we want to go, and how to get there.  Now, we have to figure out, what needs to change in the day-to-day live of the organization, what changes need to be implemented, when is it best to go forward with the changes.  The formulation of strategies goes hand-in-hand with the formulation of roadblock that will, unless tackled, hinder or even prevent effective execution.

Demands Created By Strategies

As said before, you should not ignore that implementing strategies create demands on the development of organizational skills, resources and capabilities.  You need to identify how the organization will satisfy the demanded investments in, and the development of, specific capabilities and competencies, which are essential for execution.  You need to pay attention to resource allocation, so that the investments are directed towards the appropriate areas.  You should ensure that you understand, document and plan for implementing the appropriate changes.

Identify Powerbase and Resistance Base

It would very difficult, if not impossible, to execute your strategies if you have not gotten the support of the whole organization.  Strategies that conflict with the existing power structure face a dim prospect.  Attempts to change that go against the fabric of the powerbase will face a steep, uphill battle.  Particularly so if this resistance comes from the very founder of the organization, which eventually raises the question: should the founder relinquish control to a hired CEO?  Asking the question is, in large part answering it, and then the organization needs to consider implementing a Founder Transition plan.

In planning the implementation of you strategic plan and change plan, you need to identify the powerbase’s potential position vis-à-vis the now plans.  Those that are expected to support the new vision have to be enlisted in your change coalition, so that they can support the efforts.  Those that are potential threat to the new vision need to be identified and dealt with, even if it means changing their ability to influence others by way of reorganizations, change in responsibilities, allocation of resources, decisions or actions, or pure and simple removal.

What to Stop, Continue, Start Doing

The easiest way to start is to brainstorm with the leadership team on items the organization needs to stop doing, those that the organization needs to continue to do, and those initiatives that the organization needs to start doing.

Focus on Revenue Growth

The Board of Directors and the CEO play a vital role in sales, business development and generating revenue growth.  In the end, the new vision certain would point to a larger organization, which would entail larger revenue.  Moreover, the need of a new vision is likely to have emerged from the need for a better revenue outlook.

So, the Board of Directors and the CEO need to clearly identify the route causes for the revenue-generating shortfall, and what may impede future revenue generating initiatives.  The  Board of Directors and the CEO need to get personally involved in the execution aspect of revenue growth.

Design the Organization Design the Organization

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Published at 20:01

11 March 2011

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